Stratton-Crooke ORDER
Thank you for visiting our website.

We just need good clear color copy of your logo / crest / shield / name etc. to workup your initial designs.

We can also re-produce your existing items in our top quality fabric or re-design giving you a fashionable new look.

Your designs take approximately two weeks time and are sent to you by Next Day service.

We can also send you finished samples that we make for other customers, which will show you our quality of finished product.

When you have selected your designs from our artwork and place your order we makeup your mill design card for the neckties and screens for the scarves.

You are then shown your finished samples for final color selection.

You are committed to your orders at that time and to your initial setup charges.

There is a 50% deposit due upon placement of your full orders.  We bill Net 15 upon delivery.

We have a 1½% monthly interest charge on all past due accounts.  All accounts unpaid after 90 days will be turned over to a collection agency.  This additional cost will be added to all past due balances which include the interest.

We do have a 10% Under / Overrun on all customized orders.  This is to guarantee that you will receive 100% Perfection and Top Quality items.  We can give you a list of our long-standing customers for references.

We look forward to hearing from you and in having the opportunity to "Show YOUR Colors!"